Training Topics

Adult Professional Development

  • Solutions for Client Motivation
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Effective Team Building
  • Workplace Professionalism
  • Communication & Accountability
  • Pro-active Prevention Methods
  • Success Through Cultural Integrity
  • Connecting With Today's Youth
  • Youth Placement in Community & Culture

Adult Personal Development

  • Esteem for Personal Growth
  • Solutions for Healthy Relationships
  • Self-Empowerment for Wellness
  • Defining Purpose
  • Cultural Integrity & Family Values
  • Connecting With Today's Youth
  • Healthy Parent-Child Relationships
  • Bridging Generation Gaps

Youth Academic Development

  • Graduation Success
  • Academic Ambition
  • Test-Taking Motivation
  • Solutions for Bullying
  • Empowerment for Life Planning
  • Defining Purpose for Advancement
  • Cultural Integrity & Academic Success
  • Identity & Social Responsibilty
  • Understanding & Appreciating Sovereignty

    Youth Personal Development

    • Youth Responsibility for Gaming Tribes
    • Self Values & Culture
    • Confidence Building
    • Empowerment for Life Planning
    • Cultural Integrity & Personal Accountability
    • Creative Responsibility
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Social Choices

At IML Training, we have the comprehensive solutions to meet your unique business and client servicing needs. Let us guide you in strengthening your team and creating lasting success. We have specialized training plans ready to service your specific needs and goals. Our core team of certified expert trainers deliver quality and consistency, and are ready to take your organization to the next level.


Key Topics:

  • Enhance Productivity & Efficiency
  • Create a Workplace Culture of Accountability
  • Improve Hospitality & Customer Service
  • Set Proper Standards for Workplace Professionalism
  • Strengthen Leadership & Management Skills
  • Inspire Dedication & Motivation within Your Associates

A solid foundation is paramount for students to achieve success and become invaluable contributors in the professional world. Our youth development curriculum provides essential personal life skills, to empower them

to seize opportunity and acknowledge responsibility with confidence and determination. IML Training applies purpose to education and career planning to empower students to create a solid path toward their future and become steadfast leaders in this ever changing world.


Key Topics:

  • Identifying Inherent Strengths
  • Building Confidence & Character
  • Fueling Academic Ambition
  • Understanding Identity & Social Responsibility
  • Setting Goals & Life Planning
  • Embracing Financial Responsibility