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At IML Training, we get results. Our team of expert trainers implements proven leadership strategies to over 85 communities across North America each year. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, top quaity service.


Partnership is great way to get consistent results, as well as, save time and money. IML Training has solutions ready to meet your needs. Partner with us today and discover what we have waiting for you.

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IML Mission

At IML Training our mission is to empower our partners with the leadership abilities to inspire the devotion of their associates and utilize their best efforts towards their team's priorities and goals.


Inspire.Motivate.Lead. Training was founded in 2004 as a provider of groundbreaking leadership development and training. As a Native American owned and operated company, our approach was founded upon connecting traditional values and cutting-edge modern strategies. This allowed us to create a comprehensive and truly culturally relevant experience to bridge the working relationships between Native Americans and non-Natives interacting in the professional realm.


Since IML Training's inception, we have assisted countless individuals to not only obtain the "how's" of leadership and succes, but most importantly the "why's". Through this method these individuals have effectively been empowered with the proper tools and motivation to become valuable contributors and leaders within their respective companies and organizations.


As the Education Director for my tribe, Inspire.Motivate.Lead. has given me insight to build stronger expectations for my staff. Their training inspired me to break down communication barriers and allow progress to be a part of our everyday workplace. these sessions have greatly impacted how I define my role as a leader.


-Education Director, White Mountain Apache Tribe